Born in the summer of 2021 amidst the breathtaking serenity of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, Belt stands out as a vibrant collaboration of young talents, each imprinting their signature flair on the band’s sound. Their music isn’t merely a nod to rock’s illustrious history but a bold stride into its evolving future.

Julian, with his creatively spontaneous approach to music, crafts intricate guitar work and evocative songwriting, providing the band’s melodic framework. Josh, on drums, brings forth technically advanced and dynamic rhythms, occasionally layering in alluring strains on his violin. Brielle, with her resonant and powerful voice, expertly weaves her way through the band’s musical melodies, capturing the audience’s hearts and soul. And Jack, a multi-instrumentalist whose adept fingers dance across a fretless bass, introduces musical depth and style that’s truly unique in the rock scene.

Belt isn’t confined by tradition. Their approach is progressive, audaciously stretching the contours of rock, serving audiences with performances that are both vibrant and introspective. Their playlist, predominantly enriched with their original compositions, also pays respect to rock giants through uniquely crafted covers.

The synthesis of their eclectic backgrounds and the harmonic blend of their instruments delivers a fresh, boundary-pushing perspective on rock. Founded on a shared passion and honed through innovation, Belt isn’t just a band—it’s a movement that promises to redefine rock for a new era. As they chart this exciting path, they extend an open invitation for all to join them and “belt out” their shared passion for music.